Okami Ko
Biographical Information

May 24, 2013






? (Timewise)

19 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 8"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Wolf Plushie


SCMowns (Steven)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Dating: Kogane Kurotaka

Best Friends: Vocaloid4s

Okami Ko (狼子) is a 19 year old PossiLoid. He hasn't auditioned to be a Vocaloid4 yet. He is based off of famous YouTUBER, SCMowns.


Okami's color is Grey. He has medium length, curly black hair. He has brown eyes. He's 5'8", and is shorter than Kogane Kurotaka by 6 inches. He wears a white suit with a black undershirt, white pants, and white sneakers. Similar to Kitsune Ryoken, Okami is part animal. However, instead of having just a tail, he has just a pair of grey wolf ears (so no tail). Because of his wierd ears, his headset is actually a onesided clip hooked onto the right ear where the ear and the head connect. It's white with a black microphone.


Okami is a very sensitive person. He is usually very happy, but the slightest annoyance can launch him into a wave of sadness. Luckily his boyfriend Kogane is there to calm him down when this happens. Okami is very good with children and used to babysit when he was younger. He started singing because Kitsune dared him to, and he found that he loves to sing. He just doesn't think he is quite ready to go up to Miku and sing in front of her in order to possibly become a Vocaloid4.


Okami was created by an older woman who had little kids, which is why he's so sensitive and good with children. She doesn't own him, so he's free to live wherever and do whatever he wants when he doesn't have to watch her kids. She doesn't force him to watch them, he just does it because he likes doing it. He's one of Kitsune's best friends and also gets along extremely well with Umi-Oji  because of his calmer attitude. He has a good time at school because, unlike Kitsune, people don't bug him about his animal parts or try to hurt him with them. If anyone tried to do anything bad anyway, Kogane would already be there to protect him.


  • Okami is currently in a boy x boy relationship with Kogane.
  • Okami is half-Mexican, but his spanish is really bad.
  • Okami's number, along with Kogane's, is based off of his suscriber count on YouTUBE at the time of creation. (The thousand's places)


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