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Oibumu is just an unkniwn talent to the Vocaloids and he wants to prove himself to them. His greatest dream is to work side by side with Miku and Luka.


Oibumu is often low on money and it shows in his apearance, He mostly wears worn tee-shirts and ripped jeans, He has no single apearance, but notably he wears bandages around his left arm and neck. His eyes are a strange shade of purple, almost black and he dyes his hair brown.


Oibumu is very quiet (Until he "sings" that is.) He is also kind however, he often volunteers his time to local charaties and would be the first to help a friend in need.


Oibumu is not human, nor machine, as his docttors have told him. This has been very troubling to him since a young age since his parents are clearly human. Why wouldn't he be? Well those doctors are right, he can perform any and all human functions and requires food and water like a human, but he was engineered by his "parents". The bandages over his arm and neck are to conceal the strange color of exposed flesh on them, because for one reason or another, these wounds won't heal. He is constantly trying to learn more about his own phisiology.

Voice configuration

Oibumu's voice is his greatest discerning quality, because when he speaks any louder than whisper tone his voice is heard as nothing but intense bass.

Notable media

Oibumu is working on his first real track at the moment but it may not be released for some time

Additional info


Oibumu has very few friends besides those he meets on the internet


He has not apeared in any known songs


Oibumu's name means "Big boom" So his voice has a direct corolation to his name


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