NoPurpose is a company who is in charge of making Copyloids. On hold due to some problems regarding the account ownership.


In 2011, NoPurpose discovered Vocaloid and didn't understand very much, and got tricked by Vipperloids fairly easily, but got helped by Youtube Users. Then, about half a year later, in 2012, NoPurpose decided to try and make some fanloids of her own to point out the cliches of the Vocaloid fandom-with some help from Kitty, who write the fanfics and was the one who first coined up the Copyloids.

Series Type


  • Kitty
  • SweetCrazyYandereGirl

Ownership Problem

Due to some problems with who exactly is supposed to own NoPurpose's account, all of the projects have been called on hold, to prevent any misunderstandings and to fix any wrong infomation.

Explaintion: NoPurpose's account was first created by a young cousin who used her cousin's gmail account by hacking into it. She was helped by her cousin's best friend's cousin. From there, they started make fanloid pages of her cousin's OCs, resulting in wrong information and causing trouble for her cousin. After a while, because the cousin hacked into " NoPurpose's " gmail, she could no longer check her emails and started to get nosy, looking for why everything was happening, including why her OCs were on fanloid wikia.

So, after lots of snooping and some phone calls, " NoPurpose " finally figured out that her cousin had made an account in her gmail name, and proceeded a Copyloids project, also making several other accounts on other websites.

The two members thing was actually pretty fake; Kitty is the nickname of the cousin who got her gmail hacked and actually does write fanfiction for her OCs, but never planned to actually create a page nor project on them. She is currently debating wether she should delete the pages or not. Which is very likely due to the fact the pages will never meet the full guidelines on the wikia and were created by someone else than the real creator.

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