Nightcore characters are the voices in nightcore version of singers. They are randoms of types everywhere. They are consider to vocaloid and utauloids. They also called nightloids.

The members are so many


It start in 2011 to 2013. Many nightcore characters have created in quotev,youtube,wattpad and everywhere in the internet. Every people love nightcore characters and they want to have concepts and voices. They had disappeared/deleted in 2014 because somebody hate them so much and they are not belong to the original band members in Nightcore.

As nightcore a genre, the nightcore characters are also nightcore singers. On 2015, Gail Duran, a Filipino autisic/ special child have held the announcement to return the nightcore characters. But sadly, Gail was busy on wattpad for her story Nightcore was started about them. Even her nightcore list was on quotev.


There are many nightcore characters. They have abandoned and deleted because they hate them so much. Mostly, nightcore characters are not better than anime characters. Now, all people are never remember them so much. They have misunderstood nightcore even the nightcore characters. All the nightcore lovers are also hate nightcore characters except Gail Duran. Other terms are caramela girls are similar to nightcore characters but they are not. Their songs caramelldasen and boogie dam dam are similar to nightcore songs. In 2015, somebody will wait for the nightcore characters to find to nothing. The announcement want to return the nightcore characters for popularity.
Nightcore -mirror

Nightcore -mirror

Her voice is here!

Remaining Nightcore Characters

Mirror- A nightcore singer with brown hair and pink dress. She was created by wewe momo (mostly called W32AM) She did a good voice. But in 2015, her outfit was improved in deviant.

Mira to ej by hotpieceofcandy-d6cmk9b

Mira the nightcore singer

Mira- She was based in the nightcore song, Halo. She was angel of the creppypasta character, Eyeless Jack. On other pictures in collabs, she's also appear here.

Alan and Gen - They mostly made by Rainbowflash. But Gail download it very very early.

Mimi Sakita - Created by MMDCentral.

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