Misaki Fujiwara

The First and Currently the only Netrualoid, Misaki Fujiwara.

Neutraloids are a combonation of being neutral towards something and the term "Vocaloid". Neutraloids are often neutral about almost everything. Their personality traits, however, can vary to being what they are expected to be, calm, emotionless and uncaring to being something total unexcepted such as happy, giggly, and optimistical. All of them though have the personality element of being neutral or uncaring towards everything. They often don't have an opinion on most things and when asked to decide, they often refuse to, saying they are netrual for both sides of the argument. Their voices, however, are often based on already existing VOCALOIDs but are slightly pitched diffrently from the offical ones, so they won't be like most of the other Fanloids that currently exist. Their appearance is often strange or very plain, as if they don't have a fashion taste or not particularly care about appearances in general, mainly focusing on other stuff that intrests them.


As said above, Neutraloids personalities can vary from being the typical version of them, calm, emotionless, and uncaring (Even though all Neutraloids have the trait of being uncaring) to being postive about everything, sweet, and humorous. Most people consider that they care deep down on the inside, but in reality, They really don't care about anything or anyone but themeselves. Though a few rare Neutraloids (Such as Misaki Fujiwara) paticularly care about one or two Vocaloids.

Their color scheme is often in two colors, such as red and blue or black and dark midnight blue, etc. Their clothing often sticks in those range of colors, though a few may go out of there color range and add a few extra colors into their schemes.

Most of them have good social skills or arguing skills but they are often never used. They're untalented at musical instruments and all sorts of musical things except for Vocals.


The production of the emotionless 'Loids' begun recently, a few months back. Two girls planned them out carefully and made then unquie and different, though some were based off anime characters, real VOCALOIDs and real UTAUs.