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August 25, 2013


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Blue and Yellow

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13 Nekoloid

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Neko~Rei is a Fanmade Vocaloid. Her name "Neko" means "Cat" and "Rei" means "Spirit" which means "the ghost cat". She is not a ghost. She is a possessed robot.


Rei have a bluish colored twin-tailed hair with a red neko ears shaped hair binder. Her headset have a design of a white angel wing and a black demon wing. She have a bluish colored eyes and a light-pinkish white skin. She wears a grey colored jacket and inside her jacket is a light-grey colored shirt. Behind her jacket is a black neko tail. Her boots have a black color with a matched color of blue.


Rei have a triple personality. Normal, angel-like and demon-like. Her normal and angel-like personality is almost the same. The only difference between them is that her normal personality is cheerful and happy while her angel-like personality is sweet and lovable. Her demon-like personality is crazy and mean. She is a yandere type who only kill for her satisfaction. Her demon-like personality can only be activated when she start seeing blood or a dead body. Rei likes Len Kagamine.


Rei was created to become her creator's daughter because her creator lost her wife and her only daughter. Her creator become her father. Her father created Rei with the same appearance and personality like her real daughter. But her creator made a mistake. He thought that Rei is complete. The problem is Rei is missing something.

One day... Rei and her creator decided to go to London to introduce her to her creator's sister. While on the plane, a storm came and hit the other side of the wing of the plane. They had a plane crash. Only Rei survived. Her creator died. Rei woke up without remembering anything. When Rei saw many dead bodies she lost control of herself. She get a knife and start wandering alone towards the city. She started killing people until someone stopped her (Rin Kagamine). That's where she met Rin and Len. Rei start taking a like Len due to his cute face.

Rei start living with them until she met a girl named (Rai-Sagi). They become close friends and they start living together.

Even though Rei forgot her creator. Rai-sagi is making her remember everything.

Voice configuration

She has Rin's voice mixed with Tei's voice.

Notable media

Additional info


Rai-Sagi : her bestfriend that Rei loves so much. She is a tsundere type.

Rin Kagamine : her friend who stopped her.

Len Kagamine : her crush who is Rin's twin brother.


  • Rei is a half Japanese and half Filipino. She was born in the Philippines.
  • Rei is created by a Pure Filipino.
  • Rei can only speak english, filipino, korean and japanese.


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