Nekonemia Nekone Mia
Nekone Mia
Biographical Information

May 10, 2012


February 24






4'11" ft (150 cm)


83 lbs (38 kg)

Technical Information
Series type

Fanloid 3

Series no.


Chara item

Cat ears, Cat tails


Tamachiko Miisukira

Additional Information




Nekone Mia is a cat fanloid she was introduce on May 10, 2012, Her first name was called Nekone because it means "Cat Voice".


The designs of Nekone Mia are. Hair: Cherry Pop Hair, Base: LAT Neru Base, Dress: Tutu, Shoes: Default shoes of Hatsune Miku, Ears: Miku kitty ears, Tail: Cat Tail, and lastly her arm warmers: Hatsune Miku's warmers.


Nekone Mia has a personality of a yandere. She can be a cute and adorable girl when she's with her friends but when she's with bad people (especially perverts), she can also turn into a hell girl. She has this addiction to cats. Other than being a singer; she also wants to be a voice actress, a pianist, or an owner of a SANRIO store.


Nekone Mia was just a typical school girl before, grounded by her father who's abusive to make her into a perfect lady. She moved to Tokyo where she met Jeff, her bestfriend and a Filipino exchange student on her new school. Other than Japanese; she is fluent in Korean (because she has Korean bestfriends before), English (because her father wants her to learn the language), and Filipino (because her bestfriend is one). Though too perfect, her way to stardom starts on a peculiar way. The manager of a Japanese entertainment found her singing on a public comfort room. When she got out of her cubicle, the manager was waiting for her just outside the cubicle door. Without having to audition, the manager offered her, free training on his performing center. She is currently an idol singer and a part time high-school student.


Voice configuration

When singing, she has a high-pitched voice much like a child's. But when she voice acts, she can change the pitch of her voice to match the character she's voice-acting.

Notable songs

__List what songs the character has sung__ __No voice bank(?), then make up songs (fictionalize it)__


  • Nekone Mia is a cat
  • Nekone Mia is a voice actress, singer, and pianist


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