MareTigress Murasaki Ayane
Murasaki Ayane
Biographical Information

August 3, 2012


August 18th






4' 11" (125 cm)


90 lbs. (40 kg)


Western order: Ayane Murasaki

Technical Information
Series no.


Chara item

Grapes & Bows

Opt genre

Anything truly

Additional Information

Jinx Lirin


Jinx Lirin

Murasaki Ayane

Her name means; Murasaki: purple, Ayane: colorful sound.


Her outfit consists of mainly purple, (hence her name). She has medium length purple hair and a cute pink bow on her (purple) headphones. The bows continue with a bow-tie and a small bow on her belt. Her black sleeves are almost skin tight and flare out by her hands, with purple edges. She wears black shorts that end a little above her knees. Her design was inspired by Kagamine Rin and her creator!


Ayane is very sweet and friendly, but can get hard headed. She might be feisty at times, curious at others, and calm at some, but all in all, she loves to have fun and is willing to make friends with anyone. Ayane may get frightened by many things at first -bugs, the dark, thunder, big things- and is easily startled and frustrated, but she overcomes things easily. She thinks quite highly of herself, who else is capable of singing French, English, and (some) Japanese? She knows that she isn't famous in the Vocaloid fandom, but she will rise to fame! Ever so slowly...Baby steps...


Born in France, Ayane Murasaki was raised into stardom before being shipped to the United States to continue her French-Singing career there. She learned to understand the English language with her 'sister' Ongaku Aiko, but didn't bother to learn how to speak it. They than decided upon a trip to Japan.


Her creator draws her on Deviantart. The only other appearance is; she's roleplayed by her creator on, (a not so popular book website), in a group called "Vocaloid RPG".

Voice configuration

(Sadly she doesn't have a voice bank, yet.) Her voice is meant to be around an Alto, but can venture a bit into Soprano and Tenor. Also it's colorful, (hence Ayane)!

Her music tempo differs and her voice can adapt, but she doesn't do slow songs very well since her voice goes into a trembling vibrato whenever she has to hold a slow note steadily for a while. And for horribly fast songs, her words may slur.

Notable songs


  • When it comes to genre, it is anything truly, but rapping for her is a difficulty, and really high or low notes will not come accurately.


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