"Mansae! I think Taemin-oppa noticed me!"
— Mojin Soli; quote

Kiyastudios Mojin Soli Chibi Maker
Mojin Soli

멋진 소리

Biographical Information

May 20, 2013


July 18, 1993



  • 20



112 lbs

Technical Information
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Series no.


Chara item


  • Hakkyou (for most songs aside SHINee)
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Additional Information


Mojin Soli is a fanloid created by Hakkyou. Her name is a bit pseudonym-like since her name isn't an accurate Korean name. Mojin (멋진) translates to "great." Though in correct spelling it is spelled Meosjin, but the s in the name is silent. Soli (소리) means "voice" Altogether her name forms the phrase, "Sounds cool", but "Great Voice" is more proper.

Personality and Traits

Mojin is described as being a very playful and energetic fanloid, and is much very friendly. She loves to show respect to others, and not wanting to show any hatred for anyone unless necessary. When acquainted with someone, Mojin is rather shy, but her postive side opens up when she becomes familiar with them.


Hence being derived off of the original SHINee member, Taemin Lee, she does bear a resemblance to his face which is rather much very cute. Many people point out her cute face, but it seems to get on Mojin's nerves. She stands at 5'7" with shoulder-length light brown hair that can be either messily short or longer than that. Her casual wear is a leather vest held by two chains, with a white t-shirt under with flower designs. She has many wrist accessories; her design is then followed by ripped knee-length jean shorts. Finally, she wears red Converse sneakers with two black stockings; one stocking is pushed down and the other is pulled all the way up her other leg. Mojin doesn't usually wear headphones, but hers are styled in the shape of a diamond, colored black and white.


When Mojin Soli's name first came out, her name was Win Soli. Though however, the translation to her first name was forgotten, and her name had to be redone. That was when her current name formed, as well for other members' names being altered. Mojin was made as a tribute of the maknae (the youngest member) known as Taemin Lee, from the South Korean group known as SHINee. As on her series type's page, she was supposed to be released on May 25, the date that SHINee debuted as a surprise tribute for them. Unfortunately, SHINeeloid came out just 6 days before that date without Hakkyou knowing,



Songs and Demos

  • Sherlock by SHINee (Voice Demo)
  • Puppy Love (Original Song)


  • ???


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