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Miyuki Yoi
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March 10, 2013‎



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Fanmade Vocaloid

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Miyuki Yoi is a fanmade Vocaloid (or fanloid) owned by KageneYoi. She isn't a "dark version" of anyone neighter a recolor.


Yoi's main colors are white and dark gray (silver). Wears some kind of white corset (as the pictures are showing) with her neck covered and a long dark gray skirt, wich is shorter in the front. Has a long messed dark hair and green shining eyes.


Is described as a shy girl that usually doesn't talk much. Sometimes, has philosophical thoughts about everything and write them in a paper or in her notebook, but doesn't show them

Even people hurt her (or try to hurt her) lots of times (considering her innocence), she wont ever let go someone that she really loves. It means, you're trying to make her cry and she'll just ignore it and try to smile. to anyone. Yoi is very naive and innocent, usually trusting everyone that talks to her. She's a bit lonely and got used to that, even she'd love to have someone to talk.

Yoi has an obsession about Kagene Rei, although she is not a yandere. Her first song (and the only one until now), "I Like You, I Love You Rei" clearly expresses that. In fact, she loves him but had never talked to him and certainly never will.


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Miyuki Yoi - I Like You I Love You Rei

Miyuki Yoi - I Like You I Love You Rei

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