Derpcharming Miwaku Manerune
Miwaku Manerune
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April 21, 2013‎


April 20th, 2013






150 cm/5 feet


83 lbs/38 kg


Manerune Miwaku (Jpn order)

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Fanmade Vocaloid

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Miwaku Manerune is the newest addition to the fanmade Vocaloids. Miwaku (みわく) translates as "enchanting", "alluring", "captivating" and is taken from み(mi) meaning "charm" and わく(waku) meaning "beguile", "charm/enchant someone" which would explain why Gakupo and Kaito fall head over heels for her. Her last name Manerune (まねるね) comes from the words まねる (maneru) meaning "mimic" and ね (ne) meaning "sound" because she's a bit silly and occasionally mimics Miku and Rin when she's cheeky, since her voicebank is slightly lower than Rin's so she sounds very similar to them. Miwaku's birthday is April 20th, 2013 and she is at the age of 16. Miwaku is 150 cm/5 feet tall and weighs 83 lbs/38 kg.


Miwaku's costume design is very similar to Rin and Meiko Sakine's designs. She has the same shirt as Rin but with a bowtie instead of a big bow. The difference between their shirts is that Miwaku's is orange and has no tag on the front. Her arm warmers are copies of Rin's but just orange on the top and ends.

Miwaku's hair was meant to represent hipsters for the sake of the hottest trend when she was released. Her bangs are long and are flipped up and off her face so that her pale blue eyes are fully visible. Her hair has a natural curl/wave and is a little over shoulder-length long. Miwaku's hair is orange orange.

Miwaku's voicebank is slightly lower than Rin's, but low enough that you can tell the two apart. Miwaku mimics Miku and Rin because her voice is similar to theirs.

Personality and traits

Mio Momoko (Miwaku's creator) has stated that Miwaku in fact does sometimes act childish. Since Miwaku's character item is a peach so she is always seen nomming on a peach. Miwaku has a weird obsession with astronauts and plans on writing a song about one. Miwaku is very pretty, thus Kaito and Gakupo are very attracted to her. She is very bubbly and is somewhat silly sometimes. She has a crush on Kaito but doesn't go out of her way to act desperate and clingy. She acts a little nervous around Gakupo because he acts a little creepy around her and sometimes kidnaps her (for fun...apparently). Though Miwaku's best friends are Gumi and Rin, her role model is Miku and she takes up any opportunity she can to sing with her. Miwaku has a weird obsession over neko ears and has a phobia of ghosts.

Voice configuration

Her voicebank is slightly lower than Rin's so she sounds very similar to them


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