Misaki (Venomania) Fujiwara




藤原氏 (Fujiwara; Field of Wisteriasis) みさき ミサキ(Misaki; Beautiful)








Miyoko Hiyana: A person who Misaki often looks up to since she considers Miyoko to have an amazing voice.




Electric Rock, Electric Pop and Rock


103 Ilbs (47 Klg)



Misaki is know to be an unrecognized deprative of MAYU though her appearance is derastically different then MAYU's in many ways such as her strange eyes that seemed to be dyed. Her last name is known to mean; Field of Wisteria and her first name, Misaki, is known to mean Beautiful (Though it varies on which Kanji you decide to use for her name and in some cases it could mean Sand) which means when putted together, It means Beautiful Field of Wisteria (Westren Order) or Field of Wisteria Beautiful which could mean the same as the Western Verision.


Misaki is known to have an imitnating aura, often scaring others away from her though she is known to be okay with this since she is considered anti-social, often avoiding interacting with others that she doesn't have a close bond with. She claims to hate art and portery though in reality she has a secret talent for it but often hides it so others won't know. She is considered emotionless, ignoring others opinions on herself and her voice, often calling them "Judgemental Bastards". She is often serious, often hates when people try to be humourous. She tends to be a little bite more lustful then most people would wish. However, because of her Multiple Personality Disorder, she has a happier side, one that enjoys hugs and seeing people smile though that side is known to get depressed easily.


                             As noted above, Her appearance is dirastically different from MAYU's in many forms.                                      Her eye color is known to represent the good and bad parts of her Multiple                                                      Personality Disorder, The reason why it's spilt may because she has others we don't                                      know of but it hasn't been revealed by the Creator if she truly does or not. 

                             The outfit she wears seemingly seems like a black sweater with a red and blue tie                                             wrapped around her neck; resembling Japanese School Uniforms. It is said that she                                       is seen in a black skirt as well, wearing flats that are shiny and matching her                                                   clothing; black though some say she wears boots instead.

                              Some decpite her in a orange kimono that is colored like neon orange, with a black                                         sash wrapped around her waist and wearing the tradtional Japanese sandels                                                 though the creator say that's for formal or other purposes.

Misaki's Debut:


  • On Quotev, featured in the Creator's About Me (@DukeVenomania)
  • Currently appears in the Debut, Vocally (As in, Her voice was there but other then a photograph of her, nothing else of her was there)


  • Misaki was actually planned on being a character in one of the Creator's Stories on Quotev (Creator's  Name: Pierced by Sin / Creator's URL: @DukeVenomania )
  • Surprisingly, Misaki dislikes romantic or sexual interactions, claiming that they are disgusting though she is lustful herself
  • Rumors that have spreaded about Misaki that have been comfirmed by the Creator of Misaki that she, infact, does have feelings for Vocaloid, VY2 Yuma
  • She is often seen saying to people, while sometimes facepalming, "You are one dishonorable person." with a look of anger on her face
  • She has quite difficulties developing new relationships with one another, some say she wants so create friends though she never does but it's said by the creator that she actually just dislikes people and the way they think.
  • Photo Edited to look as Misaki was planned
  • Misaki's Original Design
  • Another possible design for Misaki though it was decided against it since they though she could be mistaken for Gakuko
  • One of the other remaining designs for Misaki, which was based off the creator's closest friend but was decided against when Emerald (The Creator) thought of a new idea for Misaki

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