Miko Miyazawa (宮沢巫女,Miyazawa Mikois a Humanloid from Tokyo,Japan. You can see her blog here: Miko's Blog


Miko is a Kawaii Japanese idol Her personality is sweet and gentle. She is a forgiving and a patient girl, but just as quick to offer help to those in need. According to KomachiMiko has an innocent heart that can't truly hate or hurt anyone. She is very Sweet and gentle. She is a very friendly, Shy and Quiet girl but of very poor health. Her body is rather weak and gets strained easily. She is a gamer and otaku (a person who likes Anime ).


Miko is a girl with short brown hair. Her eyes are colored in a light green, though they sometimes appear Mint green or blue-ish green. She is seen wearing a green school uniform with a white ribbon attached to it. Her stockings are short and white and her shoes are dark brown. 


Miko was always a creation of her owner in traditional drawings, but still hoped that she'll be well known to the world dreaming that she'll one day be a real Vocaloid.

Voice configuration

Miko's voice came from a human amateur singer who digitally altered her recordings to produce a Vocaloid-like effect. Whatever equipment or programs that were used to produce this effect were never revealed by the singer.


You can see her blog here: Miko's Blog

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Additional info




  • Sai continues to be the most acknowledged Human Vocaloid within the fandom. Her existence inspired others to attempt to create their own Vocaloid personifications.

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