Michelle Kagamine
Biographical Information

Unknown (Somewhere in September, 2013)


June 4th (Technically June 5th, Michelle was born at midnight)




There is no official age for her, but she is portrayed to be around 12-15


4'11" (150.86 cm)


88.6 lbs (40.188284 kg)


Mitch, Elle, MK

Technical Information
Chara item

There is no official item for her


Derivative of SeeU

Opt genre

No specifics

Additional Information

Hannah Kagamine's creator and BriAnna(Does not have an account here)


Hannah Kagamine's creator

Michelle was introduced sometime in September(Her creator doesn't know for sure) 2013, her creators are Hannah Kagamine's creator and BriAnna(She doesn't have an account here).


Michelle's offical design is very similar to Hannah's, but she has a grey jacket instead of a black one, and instead of a water themed dress and boots, she has a lava themed dress and boots. Her apperance is yellow hair longer than Hannah's in a high side ponytail, sapphire eyes, and reverse rainbow bangs. She has brown cat ears, but Hannah's creator and BriAnna rarely draw them.


Michelle tends to be a very cheerful person, but she can become depressed quite easily, and when she becomes deppressed- approach her with caution. She acts younger than Hannah most of the time, but she is acctually very mature and knows how to deal with a situation easily. She has a very low self-esteem, which leads to her depression most of the time.


After Hannah was created, Hannah's creator and BriAnna had talked a lot about Hannah, and Hannah's creator invited her to be a part of Hannah's family. BriAnna agreed, so BriAnna took her own middle name and Hannah's last name to create Michelle Kagamine.

Voice configuration

Michelle was originally a derivative of Galaco, but Hannah Kagamine's creator has slowly edged away from using Galaco for her, she is considering using SeeU instead.

Additional info


  • Older sisters: Hannah KagamineGalaco
  • Cousins: Mayla Starly(Star-lie) (Mayla Starly has not been officaly created yet)
  • Crush: Unknown
  • Best Friends: Mayu, CUL
  • Dislikes: VY1, SeeU


  • She has fanart on DeviantART
  • She has a story including her on DeviantART
  • Currently, there are no offical YouTube videos for her


  • You may see her without lava theme in her outfit, but you will never see her without grey in her outfit, whether it's shoes, a ribbon, a hair clip, or earrings.


  • The reason Michelle hates SeeU is becase she always hogs her sister's(Hannah Kagamine's) attention. If it weren't for that, deep down they would be the best of friends.
  • Hannah Kagamine and Michelle fight a lot, but they always make up.
  • CUL is Hannah Kagamine's friend, but Michelle decided to become friends with her as well, slowly making CUL edge away from Hannah.
  • Michelle has a bit of yandere in her, which is one of the reasons why she's friends with Mayu.
  • Hannah Kagamine is only older than Michelle by ten minutes.


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