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Mia Magami is a 17 year old J-pop singer, she also has sibiling called Mio her Brother. 


Mia Magami has a dress that is Orange and Red with C-D on them, in the back of her dress their is a rest bottom on it..she has socks that reach up her upper leg..(the socks have the Beat box that vibrates all the time..) her coller has a socket... her shoes have a sound wave that is orange. She has a big ribbon that goes up to her chest. her hair is cream blone mix with white and her eyes are pure Emerald Green.


She is sometimes quite...i was expecting her to be shy but she is in the middle of jumpy and shy..she dosn't really pay attension when someone will talk to her. She has a love interest in music.....^3^


Mia Magami was soupose to be somthing to do with miku but no..she is created by Cypront Future Media she was a mistaken, why? because she was soupose to be a flower miku(supose to be very cute) she is still cute!

Voice configuration

Her voice is a high pitch to Seeu this time a little high..

Notable media

Version World is Mine 

Version of I=Fantasy

Her own Shy+Jump,jump

Additional info


Her freinds are Teto,Miku,SeeU,Ted,Akoi,Nana


You can find her in MDD and Divineart and Zerochan


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