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ItsAoki Mew Kanade
Mew Kanade
Biographical Information

August 23, 2013‎



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Fanloid; Genderswap

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Additional Information

Mew (derived)

Mew Kanade is the older male brother of Vocaloid3 Mew who is somewhat intolerant to others, and dislikes anyone who thinks of him as "insane" or "outright strange" 

Background Information

Mew Kanade was one of the few who was created by a mysterious man, along with his sister, Mew. After realizing he was being used to simply sing, he ran away from everyone in hope to be able to strive on his own and live by himself until someone finally realized what he had decided to do and had people go looking for him. Ever since that moment in time, he has never looked back on how he lived in the past, but how he is planning to live in the future.

Physical and Technical Info

Kanade has black, shiny hair that is very thin and it's length reaches his collar bone. His eye color is a very dark blue, but otherwise seen as black. He is only 120lbs, and is about 5 inches taller than his sister. He has a very masculine looking body and pake skin. His voice is rather deeper than Mew's, but is able to reach high pitches to a certain point. His voice is not meant to mix well with his sisters, and always sounds demonic.

His foes are Kaito and Gakupo, for fear of them "trying to take his sister away from him". He only has managed to make friends with SF-A2 Miki (Because he was pratically forced, of course. His sister was already mentioned several times, Mew.) His main item, instead of being a food like most, is odly a feather. To him, it resembles how swiftly life can float by if everything is done the way it should be.

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