Tart Sakuran Megurine Zuka
Megurine Zuka
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5'9 (180 cm)




Zuka W. Megurine (western order)

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01 07

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fish bone


Megurine Luka

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User:Tart Sakuran


Tart Sakuran


Megurine Luka (derived)

Megurine W. Zuka is a dark derivative of the official vocaloid Megurine Luka. She's a sexier version and a devil version. She's born form Luka's Venomania side.


She wears a torn skirt restraint on the side by a fish bone. She had the same boots as Luka but they are purple. Her top is also the same as Luka's, but it is shorter and shows mor of her stomach. She wears fishnet stockings and black sleeves. Her outfit is red and dark gray. Her headphones are exaclty the same as Luka's, but in black and red. She has a hairstyle resembling of Luka's hairstyle, but not exactly the same. She haven't not lock falling on the bust, but short locks at the front and a bangs. Her hair are totally black. Her number is on her arm, as Miku Hatsune. the number 01 means she is the first fanloids by Tart Sakuran, the 07 means it is the seventh vocaloid characters by Tart after his UTAUs. She has dark blue eyes.


She does not talk much, and she is misanthropic. Isn't a nice girl and she does open her heart quickly. It's hard to become his friend. She love her first name and try to become the new Luka, because according to her, "a vocaloid should be sexy and provocant no matter what"


Zuka is born with a very unoriginal name, to make her easy to found by the fandom at first. But that name started to get to unoriginal, so a few explanation about it are now made.

Voice configuration

She haven't a special voice configuration, she's just a lower pitch of Luka, about -12. Although she's just a Pitchloid actually, she's supposed to get a special voice configuration from Luka one day. It's planned that her creator do it by herself. In wait of that, Zuka should stay a Pitchloid.

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She had a weird and unknown relation with Taru Sakendane. She's a close friend of Zero SF-A3 Hakai


She gets a "W" in her name about one year after being created because her name started to be too unoriginal. The name itself doesn't change that much to not confounded her by someone else.

The name "Megurine" seems to not be her true name, she may have to stole it to looks like a real vocaloid.

Zuka may appears as a kinda-boucaloid, who's quite useless for her, but she may also represent just the evil side of Luka


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