Megumiya (Megu) Megpoid is a derivative of Gumo/Gumiya Megpoid and Mikuo Hatsune. His official age is 12 years old, and his birthday is August 10th. Unlike his younger twin brother, Rave, he's almost always serious and very bossy, howver there are times when he's vulnerable.

His hair starts off at the roots as a neon green, and descends to a teal-neon green from the middle of his forehead to the top of his ears to teal from the middle of his ears to the ends of his hair, just like his brother. His clothing has not been decided yet, however, it will most likely be derived from Gumo/Gumiya.

Because of his twin's disorder, he often grows jealous when his parents seem to care about Rave more and get mad when he taunts him. He has a stuffed bunny from when he was born that his parents gave him, and he never really gave it a name but sometimes calls it 'Luke'.

His love interest is Luke Shiogurine (My fanloid). The two have been best friends since kindergarten, no matter how much Luke taunts him, and he only realized he liked him when he and Luke looked out the window to his father's office and caught his parents having sex.

After they start dating,  if someone starts to flirt with Luke then he'll usually blow it over the next day while Luke keeps a grudge. He's the uke in their relationship and he loves to play the piano.

Later on, when he turns 15, his parents have a daughter named Gumiku Hatsupoid, his little sister.

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