32px-Attention niels epting.svg Notice: Note: Hey i am the sister of ClementineShaanika i am using her account let me introduce myself me and my sister both like the vocaloids but i like SeeU and my sister likes Miku so then i conbind them then made MeekU a mix SeeU and Miku! my name is JessicaShaanika...

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MeekU has all seeU's clothing except she has miku's tie with a power botton and teal seeu version and her eye's sparkle like SeeU as well... she has bottons just like SeeU's clothing!


She is funny and ful of laughter, really she likes making jokes with any vocaloid who has a good sense of Humor... she likes making jokes with Miku and SeeU her bestfriends


She is created by: Me! and was all in my head this idea was long time ago i thought of this a 2011! really i'm not joking i thought of a vocaloid like tis!

Voice configuration

Since she is a version of Miku and SeeU her voice is High but low the same time!

Notable media

She is a Fanmade vocaloid from me! but she has a version of "I= Fantasy"

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Miku, SeeU, Rin/Len and the rest of the vocaloids




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