Mayuri Hinomoto is a fanmade. While Mayuri is considered a successful and popular fanmade at the owners housing, her creator thought she was being hated due to her origin, resulting in discontinuing her development. This, however, has not effected her popularity among fans. She is NOT Related to Oniko Hinomoto.


A white shirt and skirt with a green lines. She has long light blueish green hair with 2 braids. Her eyes are purple,but sometimes violet. Short white socks and a green shoes.


Mayuri is usually portrayed as the innocent, shy, and quiet type.


Mayuri is possible when pitching up Deyqon's voice.

Voice configuration

Configuration: DeyQon


Voice by DeyQon. Just make it very high. But not TOO high.

Notable media


  • Mayo Hinomoto: Older brother
  • Mayumi Sakamoto: Best friend
  • Meito Sakamoto: Best friend

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