Marine Arisu
Biographical Information

April 19, 2012








81 lbs.

Technical Information
Series type

Sekai no Kasumi

Chara item


Additional Information

Kasari Baretu and Teira

Marine Arisu is the newest Sekai no Kasumi, based off a design Kasari once did.


She was designed by Kasari Baretu and Teira (last name will not be revealed because Kasari never learned it). She wears a short, red, off-the-shoulder dress, with high heels and a pearl necklace.


Arisu is a tsundere and she loves insulting people. She complains about everything and is only happy when singing. She can be a bit dramatic at times and she loves theater.

Relationships with other Vocaloids

Nero Akita: They're best friends.

Lily: Lily and Arisu are friends.

Yuki Kaai: Like sisters, but not related.

Everyone else: Tsundere.

Notable Songs

Thunderstruck (DEMO SONG)

I Will Survive

We Are the Champions

We Will Be Victorious

Don't Stop Believin'

Here Comes the Sun

Seperate Ways


Still Alive (feat. Yuki Kaai)

Hikyou Sentai Urotanda (feat. Kaito, Hatsune Miku, Meiko, and Kamui Gakupo)

Bring Me to Life


  • She likes Spongebob, but her least favorite episode is Earworm, because of that horrible song.
  • She sings mainly rock'n'roll, but she also sings parodies and some pop.
  • Every song is either a parody or a cover, except for a song called Everything Stinks, which is a duet with Aoi.
  • She is the first Sekai no Kasumi to ever collaborate with official Vocaloids.
    • Kasumi sings with Neru and Tei sometimes, but Neru is fanmade and Tei is UTAU.
  • She won't be the only Sekai no Kasumi based off a design, but another one will be based off an idea for a design.
    • Both will be failed designs. Arisu is a Neru fail, and the other will be a Kagamine fail.
      • Not Voyakiloid.


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