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Duelgirl131205 Mana Keiko
Mana Keiko
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July 23, 2013



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Akita Neru (derived)

Mana Keiko is the failed version of Akita Neru. Her voicebank is a pitched down version of Neru's Higher voice bank. Her first name "Keiko" means "Darling, Playful little girl". Her surname "Mana" means "Affection, Love".


Keiko is a quiet girl, timid around new people, and people who are rude to her . Ama loves to sing despite how bad it can sound. she sounds better in lower octaves like most other Failed Vocaloids. she has very low self esteem that leads to her barely speaking (and when she does, its barly a few sentences) Keiko is 19 years old but is mature for her age. Her Attitude is oddly positive for someone with such low self esteem (and a failed Vocaloid). she considers herself  lucky to have a voice at all. she is often cutting her hair to short lengths because she resents being Neru's failure (her way of showing she is not the same as Neru). She is constantly having problems with her computer, often calling Dell Honne for help (which greatly annoys him). due to this he calls her "hopeless" and "scattered". though she wouldn't admit it, she has a crush on dell, and would sometimes fake the technical problems to use as an excuse to talk to him.

Appearance and clothing

Keiko, unlike the other fails has lilac eyes that are actually contacts she uses to hide her red eyes. she has silver/gray hair, its length varies because she is consistently cutting it. she never wears skirts for she calls the the "bane of her existence". she wears instead an outfit similar to Haku Yowane.


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