Whateverfankc Maiden Casey
Maiden Casey (少女圭詩)
Biographical Information

January 21, 2012


September 15, 2000






4'10 ft.


32.2 kg.


Sato Keshi

Technical Information
Series type


Chara item

Ice Scythe


KC Cabesas

Opt genre

Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Acoustic

Additional Information

Kc Cabesas



Maiden Casey pronounced as (Meiden Keshi) was a new vocaloid. She is created on January 21, 2012. Kc Cabesas (Casey606) was the voice provider of Casey Sato. She's actually a maiden. The releasing date has not yet published.


She is totally serious. Sometimes, she wants to be evil with everybody.


Casey Sato is usually 11 year old fanloid. Her Birthdate is on September 15, 2000 "Year of the Metal Dragon" and "Virgo Sign". Her gender is actually female. Lived in Tokyo, Japan. She is a half-japanese and half-english new fanloid.

Casey is became a fanloid because of Hatsune Miku's Image. And she knows that Miku is a Vocaloid. She created a group in facebook group "Vocaloidphils". So she started to sing like Miku. Her most favorite song is by "Megurine Luka - Fake or Fate". She actually want to become a "Maiden of Fanloid".


Casey has a silky straight hair and blue eyes. She wears a gray dress and light peach skin. In this picture, she looks like a school girl/maiden. She is very pretty and elegant. In Casey Sato's Official Image, she looks innocent. She appears to be a "Maiden Goddess Princess" because silver hair makes similar to the personality.


At the youtube, she called the "other Hatsune Miku". Miku's voice at World Is Mine, it is F and turn to G. By using Audacity. Casey's voice is very high pitch comparing to Hatsune Miku.

Her voice is from Hatsune Miku, known as PITCHloid.


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"Casey Sato"

New Philippine Fanloid Vocaloid Maiden Casey World Is Mine (FanLoidxPitchLoid)04:16

New Philippine Fanloid Vocaloid Maiden Casey World Is Mine (FanLoidxPitchLoid)

Maiden Casey - World Is Mine


  • Favorites: Black, White, Red, Noodles
  • Casey's dress is actually blue and white. Because she wants to show the world her voice how clean it was,

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