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Lupe Ikuroe

Lupe's first name is derived from the latin word "Lupus", a fitting name since she is commony associated with wolves. Creator is currently unknown. Name pronounced as (Loop-AY).


Lupe's hair is a shoulder-legth, wild tangle of gold and red-brown. Her eyes are an amber color. Her normal attire is a black hat in the shape of a wolf's face, with pale brown buttons for its eyes and a fake tail sewn on to the back of it. She wears a sleeveless top similar to Megurine Luka's but with golden fur rimmed onto the arm rims and collar, with no particular design on the front of it except for a golden stich line. For the lower half, simple black jeans falling into tan boots, again rimmed with golden fur.


Lupe is an overall calm girl, in fact... a bit too calm, as most people would like to put it. She is also has the slightest bit of a wolf fetish, which is shown in her attire. But when angry, she can become incredibly violent. It's very easy to tell when she's agitated or angered or simply frustrated, because her movements become jerky and sudden. Despite this, when normal, she has a tendency to be so quiet so that others will constantly have to be reminded of her presence.

She also has a strong dislike of Vocaloid parodies, unless a Mary Sue or Gary Stu is involved, because she adores poking fun at them. Yes, even the Vocaloid ones. Kagami, she's looking at you.


There isn't much of an actual backstory to her. She lives like any other Vocaloid does, with a master and a home. However her Master tends to get on her nerves by constantly barging into her room and cleaning or doing whatever and disrupting Lupe's silence.


None yet.

Voice configuration

Her voice is made by lower-pitching Rin Kagamine.

Notable songs

None yet.


  • Commonly compared to Iroha Nekomura.
  • Has only sung for a few of her Master's friends, no actual concerts yet.


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