Chi Luna
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May 7, 2012


July 12, 2000






Luna Chi (Western order) Usagi (Nickname meaning "Bunny" in Japanese.)

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Silver chain (Luna) Black rose choker necklace (Yami)


Any Vocaloid

Additional Information

Nearly any female Vocaloid, but most to Hatsune Miku.

Luna Chi is a fanmade OC vocaloid used for fanfictional purposes just like Kiru Meikane. Luna however, is not related nor based on the vocaloid character Luna or Kiru Meikane. Luna is instead based on Hatsune Miku. Her name, comes from the word Luna, meaning moon in Latin and "Chi", which means "blood", refering to her darker counterpart, Yami.

Luna's 'purpose' for being created is only hinted a few times, due to her being the only with in the 'copyloids' to have her complete memories. Due to her being a copyloid, she doesn't have a voice of her own.


Luna's design is not very original, but that's the point for her creation, at least that's what 'she' said. Luna's design looks like a close mix of both Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku's clothes. She switches in between the two designs. The design that's close to Rin's has Rin's outfit with a few adjustments; the parts that are yellow are changed to a very light misty lavendar color. The belts hanging down are changed to the same color as the trims. Luna has her hair loose however, no bow or clips, or any hair tyes in her hair at all. The hair is hung down only just past her shoulders and is slightly wavy with little curls at the end. The only difference between Rin's modifried outfit and Miku's is the skirt. Also, since Luna is based on Hatsune Miku, she bares her series number; 01, although the color is changed into the same color as her hair.

There is a thin silver chain which Luna keeps for safey reasons clipped around her waist, although it's usually hidden by her shirt.


Luna's personality is 'mentally unstable' and is hinted to have muiple personality disorder along with being a sadist at times. Although this part of her is rarely shown in her and she says it's only to 'scare people' but it's unknown if this is the truth or partly a lie. Otherwise, she's a nice, smart, and bright girl. It's shown that she loves messing with people and teasing people and even taking blackmailing as a form of teasing. Her combo of odd innnocence and rather evil side makes a few people scared of her, which only makes her enjoy teasing them even more. Luna's favorite people to tease are usually her close friends, and especially Loki, a boy who she constantly teases and rather enjoys messing with. Several times it's hinted that she has a crush on him and is a bit of a tsundere about it, but denies it quite a lot. (Yet, she's been known to admit she has a small 'tiny' crush on Hatsune Mikuo at least once; making people think she's purely lying, which she is probably is.)

Luna's been known to enjoy pocky sticks and bits of candy, although too much can make her hyper. Her favorite things are messing with people, teasing, blue, lavender, and music. As Yami, she's much more sadistic and shows her evil a lot more, with a just a tiny bit of evil innocence. Yami would always mess around with people like Luna, but to more extreme ways. Despite them both being fairly young, Yami has been known to cover herself in her victims blood and then would switch back to poor Luna who would have to deal with everything Yami did. Due to Yami's behavior and being so unstable, she is considered a bit of a dangerous psychopath and may be the reason why Luna has a evil side.

Yami seems to like covering herself in warm blood, her black rose choker necklace, playing her 'games', black mail, her black chain, messing with people, dark chocolate, and oddly, Loki.


Luna, as a copyloid, seems to be the only one who has her complete and unchanged memories. (The reason why is unclear, and it's also unknown if Luna knows the reason why.) Due to the fact she has muiple personality disorder and is bipolar, no one seems to know if she ever remembers everything except herself and Yami.

Yami is Luna's 'other' personality, but due to them being so alike and different at the same time, most people just wonder if she is her alter-ego and another soul living in her body. Unlike Luna, Yami bears little likeness to other vocaloids. Yami has long black hair, styled a lot like Luna's, a spaghetti strap, and very short booty shorts with a grey belt. Nearly everything she wears is black or grey. Yami also has misty black/grey eyes which tend to flash red when angry.

Since the two were made first, they seem to know nearly everything that happens to them, along with the fact they might be the only ones who fully remember everything.

As a copyloid, Luna says she repesents the way some people are complete fans of Hatsune Miku and are obcessed with her. The fact that she can voice any female Vocaloid shows that Luna repesents how fans who are new to Vocaloid often mistake Miku for the first Vocaloid and (possibly) the only vocaloid.

Voice configuration

No true voice bank, due to the fact copyloids has completely no pitching down at all.

Luna Chi is a special copyloid, therefore she can use any (female) voicebank at all to be her 'voice'.

Yami is just nearly another part of Luna, so she can almost do anything that Luna can do.


  • Luna seems to be the only one, (besides Yami), to have all her memories although if it's true or not is unclear.
  • Luna and Yami seem to write most of the Vocaloid's songs, in which they both hint that it might be one of the reasons the two were created in the first place. (When in character.)
  • When in character, Yami seems to write the rather dark songs and claims to have wrote the seven sins series due to the fact that Yami is able to think of such things without flinching.
  • Yami is considered to be what Zatsune Miku is to Hatsune Miku.
  • Luna is one of the most unstable copyloids due to having the most voicebanks. This is considered the same for Yami since they're the same person.
  • The two, (Yami and Luna), come to rather dislike Voyakiloids like the rest of their fellow Copyloids, but find the way Voyakiloids hate their voices more annoying and ungrateful than the others, so they both have a rather special hatred of them. Even if the hatred is sometimes turned into pity.
  • Despite being older than most of the Copyloids, she's still shorter than most of most of them, and Luna seems to get quite annoyed when this is mentioned.
  • Orginialy, her name was "Luna Ne", but due to it both being improper Japanese, and meaningless, it was changed to "Chi".


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