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August 20, 2012


Pastel or citrus color palette.

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Generally pop.

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User:Sound of hope

Luckyloid are mostly fanloids that have certain similarities with the characters of the famous OVA Lucky Star.

Their similarities might be about personality or how it looks.

"Luckyloid" on Fanloid Wiki

Characters in the list:

  • Chishiki Sakura/Ichigo: Both are sisters, but Sakura is really hardworking Like Kagami Hiiragi, she can sometimes turn a Tsundere when she's annoyed. In Ichigo's case, she might be really stingy like Akira Kogami, but she might take things way to easly like Konata Izumi.
  • Kitaine Temari/Futari Minako: Temari might be easly scared an she's really shy, it's almost like Tsukasa Hiiragi, except for the detail that she's hardworking. In the meanwhile, Minako might be a more clear example for this category, because her looks and her addiction of games (just check Konata), just that instead of being lazy, she does homework first than playing some games.

Creator's note: You can add your fanloid in this category, but ask me first, so we won't have any problems.


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