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Loki Meguri is the second copyloid to be released in the series. Loki repesents the fact that Len is usually portrayed/is a shota and because of this, is "fangirled" more than Rin outside of Japan. (Also misuses the term "shota".)


Like Len, Loki has blonde hair, although the hair is slightly less spiky and looks more like Rei's. Being based on Len, and being a copyloid, Loki's clothes seem to switch in between two designs; one is Len's almost exact same outfit, except the headphones are black and yellow, not white and yellow.

The other design Loki seems to switch to is a yellow short-sleeve sweatshirt, dark-blue skinny jeans, and black and white sneakers.

He also posesses the series number like Len does, but is changed to 'L-2', telling people that he's based off of a Vocaloid with an romaji name of 'L'.


Loki is a slightly ditzy/absent-minded boy, (and since he's blonde, his friends-namely Luna, Katie, or Kara-call this his blonde moments.) Loki rarely have huge blonde moments, but the blonde moments happen a fairly amount of the time due to the fact that he's rather one of the most innocent copyloids in the series despite most of the copyloids are rather mature and maybe slightly evil for being so young. Due to this, most people believe that he's one of the youngest of the group, but truly, he's actually the one of the oldest.

Loki is also one of the nicest Copyloids because he is fairly innocent and teases only half the time compared to the other copyloids.

Also, Loki really is a bit ditzy, or just doesn't pay attention to things a bit much and seems to have selective attention to things. Because of this, he doesn't seem to know that Yami and Luna are kind of the same person and doesn't realize it when someone has a crush on them-until you actually tell it right to his face, and even then he might not understand completely if you deny it right afterwards. (So, he currently has no idea who he likes and who likes him in return, earning him as a person who's really slow in love.)

Loki's favorite things are of the following; his friends, dark yellow, lemons, (to everyone's surprise), hanging out with Luna, (to mostly everyone's happiness oddly enough), and firework sparklers.


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Notable songs

Due to having only Len Kagamine's voicebank, he sings samples of his songs.


  • It seems Loki turns overprotective if one of his friends get hurt. (Who is usually Luna, so he worries about it even more.)
  • He seems to be always to be seen with at least some sort of firework, even if it's just a sparkler sticking out of his pocket.
  • Even though he's usually seen with fireworks, firework sparklers are the most common.
  • Due to him being rather innocent, he's a easy teasing victim and blushes quite easily.
  • The thing most people like to tease him about is who he likes since it bothers him and (slightly) the people around him.
  • Unlike most copyloids, it seems that Loki has only one voicebank.
  • Like the others, he tends to dislike Voyakiloids a bit, but Loki is also more understanding. So the feeling is rather mixed with pity and more respect;(he tends to feel uncomfortable around them) than dislike.


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