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Liu Qiu
Biographical Information

November 30, 2014


May 4, 1995






5'4" ft / 164 cm


101 lbs / 46 kg


Qiu Liu (western order)



Technical Information
Series type

Foreseeing Crow

Series no.


Chara item

Paintbrush; Wood carving knives

Additional Information

User: Animefan2013

Liu Qiu is a fanmade Chinese Vocaloid created by Animefan2013. Her name means, "To kill, Autumn."

"While you two were busy planning a revolt, I spent my days carving and painting wood." - Liu Qiu to Lin Meifen and Kwan Yan


Qiu's design consists of black long sleeve shirt with red trim and ribbons, a red ribbon choker, red overalls with black buttons, black and red tights with tears, and black boots with red laces. Her clothing also has few spots of paint on it from her occupation. Qiu has long red hair and bangs, tied back in multiple braids, reddish-brown eyes, and red lipstick.


Qiu is a very sarcastic, warm-hearted, and obedient girl. She is royal, trustworthy, and doesn't mind taking orders. Qiu is also very creative, clever, and at times obnoxious. After her time in the Wudang Mountains she developed a tomboy-like personality as well.


Liu Qiu was created to be a fanmade Chinese Vocaloid who takes the role of an expert wood crafter and painter and trained assassin. She lived most of her life working with her father as a wood crafter and painter. Qiu and her parents all lived together until the government shut down her father's shop. In which Qiu decided to go out into Wudang Mountains to train at the age of 14.

Voice configuration

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Notable media

Additional info


  • Lin Meifen, a fellow assassin and respected leader of Foreseeing Crow. The two both share a respectful relationship towards one another.
  • Kwan Yan, a fellow assassin and fellow member of Foreseeing Crow. The two both share a few of the same insights of one another. She takes great fun in teasing Yan even in the hardest of times.
  • Huang Lance, a childhood friend and love interest. They've been friends since grade school and used to do everything together.


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  • Her series number, LQ0533, comes from her name's initials, the number of letters in "China", and the number of letters in her last and first name.
  • Her birthday falls on the Chinese holiday "Youth Day."
  • Her animal of the Chinese Zodiac is the dog.
  • After four years of training in the Wudang Mountains she returned home and began working as wood crafter and painter once again at a business that was at one time her father's competition.
  • A year after returning from training in the mountains she joined "Foreseeing Crow" and began working as an assassin.


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