Here is the list for the Yuutapro (Evening Project) Characters.

Line 1

Skyette Lavender (formerly Platina Peyton)

YURiKO (formerly Ann Arvest)

Brandon Cerulean (formerly Belladonna Blackpearl)

Erika Emeraldette (formerly Estelle Emeraldina)

Irina Raspberry (formerly Rina Ribbon)

Fanya Vanilla (formerly Fanya Flurry)

Sey Citrine (formerly Sasha Sunrays)

Dawn Darke (formerly Despina Darke)

Gavin Greengray (formerly Gavin Garrison)

Rhea Rhodamine (formerly Raina Rhea)

Marisa Mintwave (formerly Meaghan Mintell)

Brianna Bronze (formerly Brianna Bronzine) 

STELLiA xf06 (formerly Sarah Shinestar)

Auria Pastrie (formerly Auria Angelflight)

Reika Galaxy (formerly Irenn Crowfeather)

ARiA-POiD (formerly Gunne Maitelle)

Celeste Cerise (formerly Calle Magia)

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