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December 28, 2012




Hagane Lily

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Heavy Metal, Nu-Metal

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Lily (derived)

Lily-T, also known as Hagane Lily (鋼音リリィ) is a fanmade Vocaloid based off Lily. She's noted as a Haganeloid due to her appearance and preference in music. Her name (Lily-T) is a play on words. Translated to Japanese, the closest pronunciation is 'Ririi-Chi', which literally means 'Lily Blood' (リリィ-血).


Lily-T wears a similar jacket to the original Lily, though the coat ends at her ankles, is opened further at the front and now has purple instead of yellow. As her jacket exposes the most of her chest, she wears a sleeveless fish-net top with duct tape over her nipples. The band attached to her jacket now has a belt buckle with two styles of studs on either side, whilst the straps reaching over her shoulder are roughly sewn together. Her stomach, chest and left shoulder also have an elaborate tribal tattoo.

The black bracelets she used to wear have been replaced with barbed wire. In correspondence, her right arm has various studded bracelets, a glove without fingers and a ripped fish-net tube. Her skirt is now five-pleated and each pleat alternates color between purple and navy blue. The disc that was attacked to her hip is now a circle saw blade.

She is often found carrying her four-string base guitar. The body of the base guitar is a light red with a black border, the neck is silver and the pegs are both golden and purple; gold for the top two, purple for the bottom. She also has a five-string base, which is black with a neck and pegs corresponding to her four-sting, though she is hardly seen with it.


No official personality for Lily-T has been declared by Dragime.


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