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Kurotane Piko (黒手音ピコ)
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October 31, 2010


October 31






Dark Piko

Technical Information
Chara item

Black licorice


Utatane Piko

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Utatane Piko (derived)

Kurotane Piko (黒手音ピコ) is a dark side and a "failure" of Utatane Piko . His name means close to "sound of black Piko."


He looks like Utatane Piko except his hair is black, he has red eyes, and he has red lights in his outfit. His bangs are also mostly drawn to be flipped around, as the long part (which is on the right for Utatane) is on the left.

Many other fan made designs of him are available, such as having him with red and orange eyes, red and black eyes, or red and magenta eyes. His hair is generally black, sometimes portrayed with a little bit of white. A few alternate designs can be found here and here.


He is generally serious. He's also a tsundere. He tends to be violent around Utatane and his other ememies.

The fandom also depicts him as yandere, though this is not official.


In a lab, when a scientist was creating Utatane, he failed creating Kurotane instead. He was so frustrated at his fail that he threw Kurotane in the streets harshly. After being thrown in the streets, Kurotane woke up and looked through the window; saw the scientist making Utatane and made the connection to find out that he was a failure. He decided to find out who he is, then find Utatane, destroy him, and replace his white-clad remake.


Most of his appearances are on deviantART. He also has a fanclub there. His MMD model download is here .

He has an unofficial ask account on deviantART, and a few unofficial ask accounts on Tumblr as well.

Voice configuration

Bre= -10 Bri= 30 Cle= 80 Gen= 35

Notable media


  • He hates Utatane Piko due to jealousy.
  • Some of the fandom suggests he has a relationship with Kowaretane Zen, whether it be brotherly, friendly, or romantic. 


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