RenaKerensky Kuromine Twins 2
Zenne and Zinne Kuromine
Biographical Information

March 8th 2012


October 27th

  • Male (Zenne)
  • Female (Zinne)


  • Zinne Kuromine
  • Zenne Kuromine
    (Western order)
  • Kuromine Zen
  • Kuromine Zin
Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item



Kagamine Len and Rin

Opt genre

Pop, Rock

Additional Information



Rena Kerensky


The Kagamines (Derived)

Kuromine Zenne and Kuromine Zinne are the "Depressive" alter egos of Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin, not to be confused with Haine Lin and Ren. Despite being called depressive, they both are actually quite happy children. Their last name a play on Kuro (黒), meaning "Black".

Their initial names were Zin and Zen, but those shall be designated as nicknames, due to a naming conflict with Kagamine Zin and Zen.


The twins look like their counterparts, only with color scheme to that of Zeito and Zatsune Miku , but don't have any tattered features on them.. Their teeth are sharpened down to fangs, and their nails filed into small claws, giving them a slight vampiric appearance.


Zenne is the over-protective twin, who guards his sister threatening to bite, or attack if anyone touches his sister.. Despite that fact, Kuren isn't in love with her, but just wishes to keep her safe from anyone who would try to hurt her..

Zinne is friendly, but can be rather quiet, seemingly portrayed as a shy, fragile girl, completely opposite of her tomboy-ish counterpart. She usually is seen hiding behind Kuren, or picking flowers, making pretty necklaces from the stems.


In RP, the twins were created in a lab accident, trying to create weaponized Vocaloids, who were sick of human-kind.. Sadly, due to the accident, these two were created, yet immediately deactivated, and thrown away, until their Master (Real creator, RenaKerensky) found them, and took them back to the mansion..

Despite the thought that the creator stole the name Zen from Monty1st, she actually had an OC named Zen, back in 2011, whom she converted into a Vocaloid (see here). (Mind you, the character looked like Akaito)


MMD Models:

Zenne: Deviantart

Zinne: Deviantart

Voice configuration

Both are a tad higher-pitched than their counterparts, and sound more metallic than them. Zenne's voice is a tad higher than Len's, while Zinne's is a tad higher than Rin'

Notable songs

None as of yet, but there will be some soon on the way


  • Zenne can also be referred to as Kuromine Zen, but mainly called Zenne on the wiki due to naming issues. Along with Zinne who is also referred to as Kuromine Zin.
  • Zenne's favorite food, other than cherries is actually avocado.
  • Zinne likes birdwatching and flower picking, rather than getting herself dirty.


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