Komori Uta-ai is a fanloid Boukaloid character.


Komori Uta-ai is a fanloid character based on Hatsune Miku. She shares the same voice as her but higher pitched and Gumi's voice when lower pitched. She was originally created to be an OC that represents Spring but this was changed once she got her name and item. She is the anti-weeb member of BerubettoProject.



Komori (子守唄) means "Lullaby" and Uta-ai (歌) means "spring song". Komori is regarded as a "BOUKALOID" (in Japanese, 防火ロイド or 防火LOID) - a play on words. It literally means Fireproof-loid and has the same pronunciation as Vocaloid in Japanese.


Based on Hatsune Miku's sakura module, Red eyes, Short pigtails in buns, bow on the chest. In another module, she wears a traditional pink dress and cherry blossom patterns and purple tall heels. She has shoulder length pink hair like her real module.


Komori loves the feeling of springtime and represents the season. She was created to be kind and gentle to all that speak to her. People say when the wind blows in spring, she is singing to them. Komori has a strong dislike of fights and cussing. She is a pacifist but verbally defends herself.

In her true form, she is revealed to be bossy and childish. She brags to Akai Berubetto that she has a voice unlike her and that she "is a real vocaloid" even though this is false. She hates weeaboos and has a hate blog about them on her Tumblr. She has a pet seal named floof who speaks to her about news or wrong doings she has made. She is often hungry and eats nothing but pasta with butter or macaroni & cheese.



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  • She has a strong hate towards Weeaboos, a non Japanese person who basically denounces their own culture and calls themselves Japanese. They try to learn Japanese through the anime they watch and usually end up pronouncing it wrong and looking like a complete idiot.
  • In the short story, "Weeb Alert!" she mentions she is 17 years old.[1]
  • In the short story, "Love Sick" it is mentioned that she eats nothing but carbonated food.[2]




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