Alice Kokoro
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October 18,2012




19-25 (undetermined)

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Chara item


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Alice Kokoro is an unofficial fanmade vocaloid by User:Animefan2013."Kokoro" means "Heart" in Japanese.


  • White hair with pixie-like hair style
  • Clothes are similar to vocaloid append designs
  • She looks similar to Nana Gray in a way though not meant to
  • she is robot


Alice is considered to be a violent natured person and is said to behave much like the characters of Black Rock Shooter,behaving in a violent manner showing no mercy or feeling at all,but keeps under control.Usually if Alice spares your life she feels as if you're a waste of time.She doesn't like people very much and doesn't like to interact with others either.Alice isn't really a violent person,but can be if set off.


Not much is known of Alice and she doesn't remember anything from her past.She only learns more about her childhood from clues or if she touches something and receives images or moving pictures in her mind.

Voice configuration

Alice has not a voice at the moment and is unknown if she will ever obtain a voice at all. The creator might be her voice,but any other fact relating this is still unknown.

Notable media

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Additional info


Alice Kokoro has no interests in being involved in a relationship at all,but she once used to have friends but scared them away along time ago.


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  • She may be walking the earth's surface searching something unknown,but possibly to uncover the truth of her past.
  • She might be removed from a fanloid by her creator later on due to her being unsure if she should be a fanmade vocaloid.Due to this pictures haven't been added.


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