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Koinu Kitanai Koe
子犬 汚い 声
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Koinu Kitanai Koe is a 14 year old fanloid.


Koinu wear a brown hooded jacket without sleeves and rip marks where his brown shaggy ears poke out of the hoody. His brown hair is as long as Kagamine Len's but his hair is never up it must always be down. He also wears gray shorts with his brown tail sticking out of the rip of at the bottom his shorts.

Koinu is a Inu.


Koinu is very flirty and he thinks everything has a second meaning. Koinu has had a crush on Koneko for most of his life but that doesn't stop him from flirting with others.


Koinu is a very flirty fanloid which isn't always the best.

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