Kodi Hatsumono
Biographical Information

June 23, 2014






9 months (timewize) 17 years (modelwize)


6' 0"



Technical Information
Series type


Chara item

Dakine Bag


Cody Skurski

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Best Friends: Other Koyuloids

Kodi Hatsumono ( コーディ初もの ) is a 17 year old Koyuloid. He is the newest Koyu and doesn't know the rest of them very well. His voicebank is provided by Cody Skurski.


Kodi has short brown hair that is shaven in a way similar to Tokkyu's only without the widow's peak. He wears a green and white plaid button-up with a Nike inspired jacket that is black with pink accents (like the hood, the front pockets and a band on his arm the displays the soundwaves when he sings.) He also wears a pink tie around his neck, and tight black jeans that are wrinkled near the feet. His shoes are pink Converse hi-tops with a white front and black laces. His mic is pinned to the inside of his hood and his diamond earrings are wireless receptors for the mic. His eyes are hazel and his teeth are slightly crooked.


Kodi is laid back but is also tough when need be. He excels in all things involving physical strength and mobility, but is lacking in anything involving mental strength simply due to laziness and skipping classes. He's a nice guy whether you know him or not and this is how he became good friends with the Koyuloids.


Kodi transferred into the school that the other members (meaning Shimesa, Paburo, etc.) attend a few months before school got out. He met Shimesa first and the talked a little bit, but they never became full friends until after the next school year started. Kodi surprisingly passed his classes even without coming to a couple finals and is luckily still keeping up with the rest in their studies, but he still has to maintain good grades through the rest of the school year to graduate High School on time.


  • Kodi is based on a real life acquaintance to the creator.

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