James234 Kitsune
Kitsune Ryoken
Biographical Information

April 10, 2013






1 1/2 yrs. (timewise)

25 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 11"

Technical Information
Series type


Series no.


Chara item

Minecraft Slime


SlyFoxHound (Edwin "Eddie" Cardona, Jr.)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley


Dating: Fumetsu

Best Friends: Other Vocaloid4s

Other Friend: Ne Towaku

Kitsune Ryoken (狐猟犬) is a 24 year old Vocaloid. He is the 2nd Vocaloid4, and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, SlyFoxHound.


Kitsune is a Android-Fox hybrid. His color is Royal Purple. He has short, spiky black hair with a purple beanie. He wears glasses that cover his purple eyes. He's 5' 11", and is the 2nd tallest Vocaloid4 (being behind Bisuri Shimesa by 2 inches) He wears the traditional Vocaloid outfit, and his sleeves are based on YouTUBE with a Play, Pause, & Stop button on the right arm, and a Like and Dislike button on the left. His fox tail is probably the first thing you'll notice and people often wonder if it's real, realizing it is after their yanking on it brings him to the verge of tears. His headset is orange, with a black microphone.


Kitsune is a very hyper person who often talks so fast, that only few can understand him. He comes from a bad past, but he never seems to be upset about it. He loves singing, and isn't afraid to be a show-off if the moment comes.


Kitsune was made by a High-School boy who had no friends. They would always have fun and sing together, but when the boy found real friends, they didn't really accept Kitsune, calling him a "crazy freak" and a "dumb fox thing" They threatened the boy, and said that if he didn't abandon Kitsune, they wouldn't be his friends and would spread rumors about him to make people hate him more. After apologizing to Kitsune, he reluctantly left him sitting there, hoping that he'd "find the place [he] belongs to" Kitsune soon met his best friend and current boyfriend, Fumetsu, who also suffered from a bad past. After a chance meeting with Shimesa, the 3 became really close, and soon, Shimesa introdused them to the Vocaloids. After they showed the Vocaloids their love of singing, they were quickly accepted, and soon got very close to the other 'loids. They met new students Tokkyu Shinsei and Umi-Oji within the next week and introdused them to the 'loids as well, causing more singing action, and more new members to the Vocaloid4 family!


  • Kitsune's body is also inhabited by Virus Kitsune
  • Kitsune's currently in a boy x boy relationship with Fumetsu.
  • Kitsune knows 3 languages. English, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • People really love to pull kitsune's tail, which causes immense pain.
  • Kitsune has tattoos just like the person he's based from. (Skyward Sword logo, 2 pokeballs, 2 foxes)


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