Kirisame Sakura (霧雨桜) is a Fanmade Vocaloid made by Nitori Asahina (Real name unknown). Sakura is NOT Related to Marisa Kirisame .

(Nor is she in a relationship with Daisuke Itone so you can forget about that :3)


Her age is 12 years old, her weight is 43 kg and her height is 149 cm. According to me,she is a cup size B.


Her family name,"Kirisame", means drizzle or drizzling. Her given name,"Sakura", Means Cherry blossoms. 


Her birthday is December 15,and her blood type is B. Sakura is described as being a Moe and positive. She's very open towards her feelings and tends to think first and act later. She is also very timid. She is also affectionate,Sakura also seems to be fond of food and even suggested they sing about hotcakes. She is shown to be a Dandere. And also,Sakura is usually port-ayed as the innocent, shy, and quiet type.


A Vocaloid derivative character, but notable in that her songs were actually sung by a real person and modified to sound like synthesized vocals, so they were similar in sound to a Vocaloid. The name was created because she thought her neighbors would say she was beutiful like a cherry blossom and her voice is calm as a drizzle, since the artist for Sakura apparently recorded out of her bedroom.


Sakura was having a moe style and rounded features characteristic of the illustrator. She has medium (someti-mes seen long) red hair and pink (sometimes purple) eyes. Due to her background within the game, she is usually depicted in casual or school-related outfits.

Voice configuration

Sakura's voice came from me who digitally altered her recordings to produce a Vocaloid-like effect. And her vocals are based on a Middle schooler. She was the Fanloid whose voice samples are produced from a middleschooler.

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