Katsura Ryou
Biographical Information

December 17, 2011








127 lbs.

Technical Information
Series type

Chemic VOL1

Series no.


Chara item




Opt genre


Additional Information


Katsura Ryou (かつら 量, Katsura Ryou) is the second Chemic VOL1. Katsura (かつら) means wig and Ryou (量) means amount.


Ryou has huge headphones. His series number (HKS_02) is color green on his cheek. He is slowly being designed, and information is being released slow.


Ryou seems shy and too quiet to anyone who doesn't spend enough time around him. Rather than talking, he would just stare at everyone else. He has a great sense of humor, which only surfaces when he is making witty comebacks to his college classmates and co-workers. He is actually a computer geek who spends at least 8 hours a day with his laptop.


His life wasn't eventful at all. If he was to die and see his life flash before his eyes right now, all he would see is the internet, and probably sleeping in class. That was until he transferred schools and met the Vocaloids. (His new school is huge has Pre-School, Elementary, Junior High, High School, and some College institutes. They live in dorms, and it is an alternate universe for the Chemics) He isn't best friends with them yet, but they make him happy.


Official Vocaloids

Meiko - She is a strong upperclassmen. She somehow inspires him.

Kaito - For him, Kaito is just a friendly classmate. Kaito helps him with his homework if he forgot to do it.

Hatsune Miku - He likes to think of Miku as a cute underclassmen. They are acquaintances.

Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Len- They are the sweet twins who live close to him at the dorms.

Luka Megurine - Luka is his longtime crush. She is friendly to him, but they are only acquaintances.

Kamui Gakupo - He is just the one with the girl hair.

Gumi - She was the first to greet him. He is closest to her.

Lily - He gets startled by her a lot, but is still friendly to her.

Miki - The sweet seatmate. His second crush.

Kaai Yuki - He and Yuki have a lot in common. Like how they are lonely most of the time.

Fanmade Vocaloids / UTAUs

Kasane Teto - She is mysterious to him. Is she really 15 years old?

Neru Akita - Both have a addiction to electronics, though Neru dislikes him a little. He is oblivious to this, and Neru is his third crush.

Haku Yowane - The depressed music teacher. Unlike others, she doesn't force them to sing, so he likes her.

Yugata Kichigai - The girl on the internet with the same sense of humor. They are good friends.


He once appeared in Paper is Made From Trees.

Staclera is not making a MMD model for him yet, as he has no design.


  • There is a debate going on how his hair should be purple than ginger.
  • He uses Tohoko Dialect or Akita Dialect, the same as Neru.

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