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Kasane Meto Kasane Meto is Kasane Teto 's Yandeloid


Unlike Teto's Twin tendrils,She had them straight and pases on her shoulders,she usually ties it in a Pony tail.She had red hair and she had her bangs going stright down to her neck,which hides half of her face completely.Her eyes and hair are Blood red unlike Teto's hot pink.She had a white sleveless shirt that was covered by a white long cape-like jacket,She had a red ruffled cloth at her neck.She wore a black skirt with red leggings so guy won't "peep at her".She wores red armwarmers where she usually hide her 'equipments'.Her eyes look bubbly and sweet but when Get serious or angry it became dull and dead.


A Complete sadist,she easily get jealous and startling.She was a Sweet and perfect to hid her sadistic and murderous side.When you came across her yandere side,she'll be your best friend forever.But don't make her jealous or angry or she'll cut you into pieces with her large butcher knife.


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