Kamui Gakuto by LadyIvyHellsubus
Kamui Gakuto
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Gakuto Kamui [Western Order]



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Gackpoid (Derive)

Kamui Gakuto is Gakupo's younger brother.


Gakuto, unlike his older brother Gakupo, is not a hopeful samurai, but instead, a successful ninja. His appearance shows it too. The only similarity to his older brother is the hairstyle, with the color being black. He has fair skin and red eyes. He wears a black ninja top with black pants, a red hakama around his waist, red gauntlet-like gloves with a silvery blue lining which leave his hands exposed, a red bandana over his mouth, and black and blue ninja boots with red markings. He carries what he calls the Blood Wing Nodachi, a sword with red bat-like winglets on the handle, a black chain with a red symbol on the tip, and the black leather sheath has red lace around it. See Picture.


Gakuto is a very skilled ninja with a dark personality, he always seems to have a smirk under his red bandana.


KaileyStormWolf on IMVU created him on a whim after she fell in love with his older brother Gakupo. "I don't know when exactly I created him," Kailey says when questioned about the matter, "I just made him for fun. I was surprised when I found out he had a Fanloid Wiki page, and just had to give them the information they needed."


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  • Gakuto's name actually came from the fact that some Vocaloid genderswaps come from simply changing the letter K to a T, like Meiko to Meito, Kaito to Kaiko, and so on. Gakuko's name comes from the P in Gakupo becoming a K, so the creator simply changed the K that was changed, to a T.


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