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Kakune Sora
Biographical Information

March 24, 2013‎






Sora Kakune (Western order)

Technical Information
Series type

Human Vocaloid

Additional Information




Kakune Sora is an original Fanloid created by Midnight Black Raven (pseudonym, not real name). "音を描く" translates to "drawing sound" and "空" translates to "sky".


Her shirt is much like Hatsune Miku's, but it is purple lined with lace. She wears a purple lace choker that alternates between a light lilac color and a darker lilac color. She wears black shorts with a light lilac belt that loops on her left side (like Kagamine Rin's). She wears knee-high socks and purple high-top Converse sneakers. Her cut-off sleeves are lined with lace as well, and display a sound board like many other Vocaloids' cut-off sleeves. Sora's headphone band is a sky blue color, referring to her name, and the headphones themselves are wings. Sora is 14 years old.


Kakune Sora is a bubbly character. She likes to be optimistic and see the bright side of things. Sora likes to motivate her friends when they feel they can't do something. She is also very lazy, and tends to procrastinate with work. She absolutely hates when people pick on her, so she will fire back a retort at anyone who messes with her. Sora can be a bit of a tomboy, but has fangirl/girly moments as well. She has huge crushes on Kamui Gakupo, Shion Kaito and Hatsune Mikuo. As Gakupo is much older than her, she tends to gun for Kaito and Mikuo. Sora also has a catch phrase, which is "The sky's the limit! (空は限界です!)" She is best friends with Saikone Hiiro.

Voice Portrayal

Kakune Sora has no official voice bank. Midnight Black Raven plans to provide Sora with her own voice for covers/dubs of Vocaloid songs.


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