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This Article is about Rinto Kagamine. For other similarly-named characters, You may be looking for "Kagamine"

Poutpout by kurayoru-d9l0lmh
Kagamine Rinto
Biographical Information





165 cm


46 kg


Rinto Kagamine (Western order)

Technical Information
Series type

Fanmade Vocaloid; Vocaloid Genderswap;genderbend vocaloid

Series no.


Chara item



Kagamine Rin

Opt genre

Not defined

Additional Information

An (infobox image)


Kagamine Rin (derived)

Kagamine Rinto is the genderswap based on official Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. The "-to" is appended to create a masculine version of Rin's name.


  1. Rinto's design is very similar to the original Kagamine's. He is distinguished from Kagamine Len by the hairclips and lack of short ponytail. His hair is short and a bit messier than Rin's, but doesn't have the spikes Len's hair has. Some people consider Rinto to wear a white bandana on his head, which looks like a bow, sleeveless shirt and shorts. The common outfit for him is a sailor shirt like Len's but with slightly longer sleeves, up to above his elbows. The ribbon from Rin's school uniform is replaced with a necktie. The difference in Len's and Rinto's neckties is that Len's necktie has a rectangular end, while Rinto's has a pointed end. He has pants that are folded until a few inches below his knees. His shoes are usually either rubber shoes or closed shoes; with no socks. At times, his footwear is similar to the original Kagamine twins'. The number 02 sign is probably covered by his sleeves, so it's not visible.

Personality and traits

Rinto doesn't have a defined personality due to being an open source character. However, he's usually portrayed as the older brother with a laid back mood, and never lets others know his deepest thoughts. Or he is portrayed as very childish and hyper.

It's unclear what his height and weight is. But he is usually put as taller than all three of the Kagamine's.


Rinto is possible when pitching down Rin's voice. Due to lack of info, it's unclear where he first came from. An upload on Piapro in 2008 is tagged as being Rinto, which shows the now commonly distinguishing features.[1] The fact that Rin and Len have genderswaps is considered ironic to some since it is believed that the Kagamine's are mirror images of themselves, making the idea for a genderswap redundant.

Voice configuration

Configuration: Kagamine Rin

Rinto has no official voice configuration. However, it's recommended to use this, as it's possibly the closest to Pitchloid Rinto's voice. Designed by ShadowofOctopus. Example
It's recommended to use Rin Kagamine's Power Append, to make him sound more masculine and clearer.

Do not make the gender factor any higher than 40, or else he will sound like Neru Akita. This example of configuration on the Fanloid wikia should not be viewed as being widely accepted or acknowledged by the character's creator.

Notable media



Jan 11, 2016
Romaji/English Hayaku! Kousaku (Hurry up! Work)
Featuring Kagamine Rinto, Akita Neru
Author(s) Kousaku-P
Category Original song

Additional info

Media trivia

Hurry Up! Work

Rinto and Neru complain about how badly the Vocaloid community act towards producers, treating them like "music-making machines" as the song had stated itself. The song states that in order to keep the producers happy and satisfied with their work, the community needs understand that the producers are their allies and that they work with Vocaloid because they like, not because they have to. Kousaku-P admitted that the song was inspired by many other songs made by Owata-P, such as I Hate All of You Guys and How's the Progress.


He's usually portrayed as the older brother of Rin, Len, or even Lenka. Sometimes, it's told that he is Lenka's older sibling or twin. He can also be known to hang out more often with Len, which results in both suffering from the same doubt problem as Len and Rin; half of their fans see them as a couple, and the other sees them as brothers.


MikuMikuDance (MMD), 3D software
MMD models of genderswapped Kagamine's are commonly created by Western users who use the PMD Editor.
Search Kagamine Rinto on deviantArt Pixiv Piapro
Search Kagamine Rinto on YouTube NicoVideo


  • No one knows who first made Rinto.
  • Rinto is considered a pitchloid, but sometimes has an actual voice configuration.
  • The names Rinta (リンタ) and Lenyo (レンヨ) has also been seen, but both are not as frequently used as Rinto.
  • Rinto can be confused as an older Rin, if depicted with a similar hairstyle and hair clips.
  • He resembles the artwork of an utaite ikasan (いかさん).


Note: This is not for every fanart you see online. This is merely for reference.

Image Kagamine Rinto byAn
by An
Image Kagamine Rinto byUnknownArtist
One of Rinto's many designs.
Image Kagamine Rinto and Lenka byAn
by an
Image Kagamine Rinto and Lenka byAn-img2
Rinto v4x by kurayoru-d9lmw0b
Rinto V4x design by Kurayoru (Hikari Neko)


  1. Piapro: リン(男化) by yuzuaya

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