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Kagamine Rei
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March 15, 2010








Rei Kagamine, 鏡音鈴, Rei-chan

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Chara item

A Miku Hatsune doll


Rin Kagamine

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Additional Information

thevocaloidmikuo ( YT )


Rin Kagamine ( Voice/Older sister ) Len Kagamine ( Older brother ) Miku Hatsune ( Idol )

Kagamine Rei is a pitchloid of Rin Kagamine, created by a YTer by the name of thevocaloidmikou.


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thevocaloidmikuo likes to believe that Rin and Len Kagamine were created using a mirror, hence being mirror images of each other and so Rei's "birth" was derived from that way of thinking.

It is said, that Rei's elder siblings were "born" using a mirror. The twins were pulled out of a mirror by a man that would later be known as their creator. As the story goes, when Rin and Len were pulled out of the mirror.. the mirror shattered. The man who had created the twins, didn't really feel as if it had been a loss, because he had acquired what he had been looking for. When the man went to clean up the broken pieces of the mirror, he picked up a piece, and reflected inside was the image of a crying child that looked like a smaller, copy of the twins that he had just "created". Because the mirror was now shattered, the girl was much smaller than the two, and thus appeared much younger than her siblings. Being much smaller, it was easy for the man to pull the child out in a similar way to that of her siblings, and the small nine year old girl was born.

Later, after her creation, Rei met the infamous Miku Hatsune, and soon became her number one fan. Unlike her siblings that fight with and tease Miku, Rei idolizes her, and even adapted her own clothing to be a copy of Miku's with her own spin on it.


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  • Most of this wikia page was edited by Rei's creator, thevocaloidmikuo, however most of her traits have no been 100% realized even though she is four years old.
  • Rei adores Miku Hatsune, unlike her siblings.


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