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Kagamine Lin and Ren

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Kagamine Lin and Ren are fanmade vocaloid created by Fanmade Vocaloid(facebook user).


Lin has two medium length ponytails, and has a sailor shirt. Instead of shorts, she has a gray skirt. Her ribbon is to the side of her head instead of the middle.

Ren has flat hair, unlike Kagamine Len, that is dark brown. He has the same clothes as Kagamine Len, but his tie looks a bit more like Lin's ribbon.



Lin has a hyper personality. She always tries to look on the bright side of things. She hates it when people tease Ren or Hatsune Mia, and will always try to defend them. When she's sad, she quickly turns her emotions to anger.


Ren has a quiet personality. He's usually the one to not talk that much, and when things become bad, he'll always turn to the bad side of things. If someone teases Lin or Hatsune Mia, he'll get in a bad mood. When he's angry, he can get awfully destructive.


Lin used to have a crush on Ren, which is okay since they are mirror images of each other (She even tried to marry him!), but she quickly got over it. Lin's real name is Linianelle, but she hates that it's so fancy and sticks with Lin.

Ren used to have a crush on Mia( Hatsune Mia ) but he ended up getting rejected. He still has a tiny crush on her, but is (currently) trying to change those emotions into the sibling kind of like.

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