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Mix it Kagamine Kei and Lane
Kagamine Kei and Lane

かがみねけい Kagamine Kei かがみねらね Kagamine Lane

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July 20, 2013‎



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User:Mix it


KEI (infobox recolor)


Kagamine Rin & Len (derived)

Kei is the boy and Lane is the girl.



Kei and Lane often get into trouble. Kei is well known as stubborn when Sakura told him to take out the trash he placed it in her room. Lane is really childish and all she doesn't really get into that much trouble she calls Kaito Onnichan and Kei well he gets a bit jealous because of Lane calling Kaito Onnichan but they both really make good twins.


Kei and Lane are friends with Kihiro Hatsune and Sakura Akechi (Sakura is not my Fanloid she belongs to Mary Ann)

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