James234 NewKagaku
Biographical Information

August 24, 2013






1yr. 4mos. (timewise)

20 yrs. (modelwise)


5' 9"

Technical Information
Chara item

Battle Axe


ZeRoyalViking (Steven)

Opt genre


Additional Information

James Beesley


James Beesley

Kagaku-Oji (科学王子) is a 20 year old Royaloid. He is the leader of the Royaloids and is based off of the famous YouTUBER, ZeRoyalViking.


Kagaku's color is Maroon. He has short, curly brown hair. He has green eyes. He's 5' 9", and is the shortest Royaloid (being behind Komori Dan by 2 inches) He wears a maroon hoodie with studded straps that form an x across his chest.  He keeps his sleeves rolled up and wears white armbands with maroon studs. He wears black jeans and maroon shoes with white laces. His headset is white with a lime green spike on each earphone. He wears a white crown with maroon gems and little horns coming off of the sides.


Kagaku is a snotty person with an extreme hatred for Umi-Oji. He's very smart, and has proven to be the smartest Royaloid. He loves to sing, but has a very untamed voice that, while sounding good, isn't the nicest you'll hear. He is shy around cameras and will lose his attitude when around one.


Kagaku is the son of the high king of a viking country outside of Japan. His country is the rival country of Umi's which is why there's tention between the two of them. While Umi's country is all about manners and being proper, Kagaku's is all about crushing all that stand in the way and gaining power. Kagaku was sent on a mission in order to take over Japan, told not to come back until he does, but he met Osaji Uma, Jodan Kashoku, and Komori Dan. After meeting these people, he changed his mind and decided to not try to conquer Japan. His father is now terribly angry at him, but he doesn't care.


  • Like Umi, Kagaku is also a prince.
  • While both are princes, Kagaku is a lot ruder in comparison.
  • Kagaku knows French as a reference to the person he's based from being from Canada, where people speak French.
  • Kagaku carries his battle axe wherever he goes, cleverly disguised as his septer.
  • Kagaku's crown has horns in reference to viking helmets.
  • Kagaku is the closest to Osaji out of all the Royaloids.
  • Kagaku ends up being Umi's half brother much to both of their disgust.
  • This is because their mom was with Umi's father first and then was forced to switch countries by Kagaku's father.


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