The KDV Series is a group of Fanmade Vocaloids created by "Spinland-The-Sixth" and "toridoo" (aka "arcen-una) on deviantART.


The members of the KDV series have a number of notable characteristics. Firstly, all of them, with the exception of KDV-01F Fukusuune Serutori, have complete heterochromia- their eyes are different colors. Secondly, all will, or already do, have two voicebanks. Third, and finally, all, again excepting Serutori, are intended as a parody of characteristics common to Vocaloid characters.

Current Members

The current members of the KDV series are:

KDV-01M Fukusuune Haru

KDV-01F Fukusuune Serutori

KDV-02 Shizo Sami

At the moment, two other characters are being considered/developed:

KDV-03 Kuromatsu Rei

KDV-04 Watanabe Ari


As previously stated, each member of the KDV series will have two voicebanks: a 'default' voicebank, and an additional voicebank meant to convey a different tone of voice.

Fukusuune Haru has a default voicebank and a "Soft Voice Material" voicebank.

Fukusuune Serutori has a default voicebank and a "Cold Voice Material" voicebank.

Currently, Shizo Sami has only one voicebank, made from a trial version of Nekomura Iroha. However, his finalized voicebanks will be titled "Shizo Sami: Mangetsu" and "Shizo Sami: Mikazuki".

Parody intent

Again, as previously stated, two of the three current members of the KDV series are intended as parodic of characteristics common to Fanmade Vocaloids.

Fukusuune Haru: Is a parody of how most Vocaloids have thin figures. He is described as being so thin as to look anorexic.

Shizo Sami: Is a parody of Yandere-themed Vocaloids. Much of his design was inspired by Kayo Sudou, the main character of Megurine Luka's hit song The Tailor Shop On Enbizaka. In said song, Kayo is Yandere, killing a family of four with tailoring scissors. Sami, however, is reputed to be frightening or threatening, but is actually a very kind soul.

KDV-03 Kuromatsu Rei and KDV-04 Watanabe Ari will also be parody Vocaloids.

Voice configuration

Each character's voice is marketed according to their default voicebank's qualities. Fukusuune Haru is a 'warm and strong' voice. Fukusuune Serutori is a 'mature and confident' voice. Shizo Sami is currently marketed as a 'powerful, high-energy' voice, though this is subject to change.

Notable songs

Fukusuune Haru Soft Voice Material: Coward Montblanc

Fukusuune Serutori Cold Voice Material: The Last Revolver

Shizo Sami (beta voicebank) and Nekomura Iroha: magnet (a cappella)


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