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K8Y is an original Humanloid character created by and based on KatNovella.


On May 6, 2012, she was introduced to the Fanloid Wiki.



Her name, K8Y, originates from the creator's name "Kaitlyn" except shortened with an unique spin by eliminating the "a" and "t" in "Katy" and replacing them with the number eight instead.


  • Old K8Y Design
  • Old K8Y Design by Kiyastudios
  • Old K8y Design
  • Old K8Y Design Compared to Misaki Yuto

Original Design

K8Y's original design was primarily based on Hatsune Miku and Yowane Haku with changes in color scheme.

Sugar Craving Design

K8Y's redesign "Sugar Craving" was based on candy and all things sweet. Her design takes inspiration from Barbie and Katy Perry. Her brown hair is much shorter and reaches just past her shoulders. She wears a dress with frills on the bodice and a candy design on the skirt. She also wears black gloves and boots with blue trim and a blue headset with a pink cupcake on top.

Sweet Gone Sour Design

K8Y's "Sweet Gone Sour" design, also known as Sour K8Y, is an alternate evil persona of herself. She has black, spiky hair pulled back into a ponytail with bright red eyes. She wears a plain black dress, gloves, a cross necklace, and boots with neon green accents and tears. She also has a a bright, yellow tattoo of a lemon on her left arm.


1800! Design



Additional info


  • She was originally going to be a "Mash-Up-Loid with the series number "DEN8."
  • In a poll, Kagamine Len was voted as an unofficial love interest.
  • In two other polls, SeeU and Kaito were voted as her female and male duet partners.
  • She has been described as having a voice similar to that of Vocaloid Meiko.
  • She possesses two mascots: K9 and Cupcake, as well as a third for her alternate persona, Sour K8Y, called Lemon.

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