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May 6, 2012


March 10





15 (ESSENCE Design)


5'1" ft / 156 cm


Cupcake and K9

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Guitar, Sword


User: Animefan2013

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K8Y, is a fanloid created by Animefan2013, K8Y being an abbreviation for the name Kaitlyn. K8Y's creator, Animefan2013, voices her herself.


K8Y's original design was based on that of Yowane Haku, except it was aimed to create "a more original, fresher look." Her outfit was also originally similar to Hatsune Miku's, giving her a more Vocaloid edge.

K8Y was redesigned in 2012, her new design made to represent her sweet tooth. The design was given the nickname "Sugar Craving." Her brown hair is now shorter and reaches to just past her shoulders. She wears a dress with frills on the bodice and a candy design on the skirt, some of it real candy which has been stuck to the garment by herself. K8Y also wears black gloves and boots to complete this outfit, and was given a mascot to represent it named "Cupcake."

Sugar Craving

Sugar Craving is a redesign of K8Y, representing her large sweet tooth. Her Sugar Craving design mascot is named Cupcake.

Sweet Gone Sour

Sweet Gone Sour is the "evil version" of K8Y. The so called "sour version" design is a plain black dress with a big rip and three claw marks at the bottom of it, a cross shaped necklace, black boots with lime green trim and a brightly coloured tattoo of a lemon. This verison of K8Y is a clone named Sour K8Y, who has a mascot named Remon.


1800! is a design of K8Y revealing the creator's love of felines or cats. Thus the design is based off that of a cat.


ESSENCE is a design of K8Y as an older teenager.

  • Old K8Y Design
  • Old K8Y Design by Kiyastudios
  • Old K8y Design
  • Old K8Y Design Compared to Misaki Yuto


K8Y is silly and even a little ditzy but has a sharp mind and is truly quite smart for her age. She is also naturally quite curious and is prone to investigating things that she shouldn't. K8Y is also kind and sweet to fellow Loids, giving her many friends. She actually shows quite a large amount of enthusiasm and has a very short temper. However, her feelings can be hurt very easily.


The name K8Y originates from the name Kaitlyn, which can be shortened to Kate or Katy. This is where the number eight comes in; it is designed to represent the pronounciation of the name at the same time as the name itself look "cool.' Animefan2013's K8Y is supposed to be based off of herself and decided to voice the character as well.

Voice portrayals

Voice configuration

Humanloid K8Y is voiced by Animefan2013. She has been said to sound similar to the Vocaloid Meiko.

Duet Partners

There was a poll on who K8Y's duet partner would be the choices were SeeU, Oliver, or IA. Out of the votes it was decided SeeU would be K8Y's duet partner. The creator later issued another pole for K8Y's male duet partner out of the votes Kaito was the winner out of OliverKagamine Len, and Hibiki Lui.


K8Y sings in English, Japanese, and Korean. However, she usually finds it rather more difficult to speak the latter, so tries to refrain from singing in it too often.


  • Adult
  • 1800!

Notable media



Featuring K8Y
Category Cover song

Projects in Progress

  • MMD K8Y
  • 1800! Design
  • Redoing songs clearly

Additional info


There was a poll issued by the creator on who would be K8Y's love interest, Kagamine Len won with the most votes, but in terms of the creator it's unofficial and was only made for fun.

  • Bri, her older sister.


As of now there have been no known appearances.


  • K8Y's series number was originally going to be DEN8 but was later changed to K8Y.
  • At first she was gonna be part of the Mash-Up-Loid series but was then changed to a Humanloid.
  • Possesses a dog named K9.
  • Her second mascot is known as Cupcake.
  • Use to be a derivative of Lily, Yowane Haku, and Hatsune Miku.


Do you think K8Y should have a MMD Model?

The poll was created at 20:45 on December 22, 2012, and so far 38 people voted.


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