Julia Bell

Julia Bell is a close friend of Zetsubo Mitie and has a english voice and is the half sister Sukone Tie being older by a year. her character item is a celery stalk. she was made a couple months before by User:Markmossing before he made mite.

Back story

being born in a hospital in Seatle she grew up happily with her father until her mother took a trip to japan and got impregnated with her sister Sukone Tie. upon finding out her mother had a affair she questonded there marrigee and decided it was time to find out who her sister was at age 16. she then traveled to japan and met Sukone Tie while runingg away from the police for disobeying a restraining order on Len Kagime. the police thought she was tie due to her STRANGE likeness to her and aressted her until tie bailed her out. she then decided to go to a motel were she got mugged by Zetsubo Mitie and she decided to console her and let her have a better life and taught her better english and she moved back with her to america and then back to japan when they became Fanloids.


She is very happy and active and really friendly and makes sure not to offend anyone and defends tie when some one is cruel to her half sister. she and mitei get along nicely and she helps her to be a tiny bit nicer to people including Luka and Ann. She freaks out at little things and hates spiders because of something she saw on fox, and loves anime but has cosplayed as madam red before at a fair (but people thought she was a disney character, one of the fat ones at that sadly).


Luka Megurine: she is relatively on good terms with her even though she has to apologize to her when zetsubo gets out of line with her.

Len Kagime: the first day they met she was dressed as tie for a play or something and he thought she was her and was happy when she told him she didntt really like like him. but then she took her wig off and explained to him she was ties sister, they are good friends

Sukone Tie: they are friends and sisters and Julia wants to get know her half sister more but its hard because the police are questioning her a lot.

Miku Hatsune: Miku once bumped into her at tako luka's caffe and thought she was tie in disgusee. it took 3 days for her to convince her she was not tie.

Zetsubo Mitie: she is her best friend and helped her find a beter life.

Yokune Ruko: once she met Ruko dressed up as a boy for a joke and herd her male voice and was convinced she was a boy and fell inlove with her, and every time Ruko tries to tell her she is a girl some how her voice changes to her male voicebank confusing her.

Miku Hagane: She scares her.

Neru Akita: She also scares her.

Miku Zatsune: She also scares her as well.

Usage and Voice

She is voiced by a human male who repitchess his own voice but the thing he used to repitch his voice isn't vocaloid technology so he has to repitch the audio for the song to. you can't use her for comerciall use and you can't steal her for your own perposess.


  • She is allergic to apples.
  • She is made fun of for unoriganl design.
  • She is a weabo.
  • She is a fan of anything that looks like anime or atlas has a good storyline and plot and amazing character development.
  • She misses America.
  • She is highly allergic to metal.

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